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What do we do

We research on behalf of you

Dig through directories

We work day and night digging through ALL the sources of information that we find to create an analysis report for you.

Provide reliable data

In this era of overload of information, we provide you with what some might value more that gold. Authentic information. We take pride in our FLAWLESS research.

Give you a perspective

There are niches, revenue models, and marketing channels that you might have no idea that exists. We will help you gain a perspective for your new or pre-owned business.

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We are analyzing thousands of SaaS companies and identifying market opportunities for a micro SaaS. Get the "best-of" sent directly to you, and go from there.

We find niches where Indie hackers have the advantage

This publication is for bootstrappers who are looking for a new enterprise possibility and agree that the nice b2b possibilities might be outdoor in their pastimes, reports, and groups.

They accept as true with that the maximum feasible strategy for finding a terrific commercial enterprise is to perceive an underserved area of interest where clients are underserved by using the large puppies.




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Two micro SaaS idea/month

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Unbiased comparisons of SaaS products

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Why Choose Us?


We complete the pieces of your puzzle

We are good at pre-launch product research and we know why to build a product, for whom to build, and how to market it. We want you to stop wasting your time in creating another dead product that no-one desires.

We’re in SaaS for the last 5+ years

We have seen many product’s journeys from scratch. That’s why we know the nuts and bolts of the research that NEEDS to be conducted before writing a single line of code. Market research is the most important part before you jump into creating a business out of it.

We’re SaaS enthusiast

We believe that SaaS has the power to make automation mainstream and create remarkable changes by solving the problems of people around the world. We are an enthusiastic bunch of individuals who are trying to help you create the best product for the market.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I get a paid membership for your service?

Because you are an aspired individual looking for solving problems in the world by developing or starting a SaaS business. We research top running SaaS companies to its core. The Internet is full of information and sometimes it gets too much. We filter the noise for you and bring you the purest and most useful information. It is totally worth the small price you pay.

What if I don’t like the article?

That’s going to be a rare occurrence as we are confident about our articles. <<refund>></refund>

What will your article include?

Our micro SaaS idea article will include authentic information about the revenue models of the business, user persona (target market), marketing strategies and channels, potential Most Viable Product, strategies to find the initial set of beta users, short GTM strategy. Know more about what is included in the article, check here

What is Micro SaaS?

A SaaS business targeting a niche market, run by one person or a small team, with small costs, a narrow focus, a small but dedicated user base and no outside funding. Hence, Micro-SaaS


Build what matters

Don’t waste time building another dead product