A Community for Micro SaaS Enthusiasts

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There are thousands of SaaS communities out there. What makes us unique?

We are passionate about what we do. We truly want to help early-stage SaaS products to reach another level.

  • We are really really enthusiastic and passionate about SaaS products solving the problems around the world. That’s why the name!

  • We will introduce you to like-minded people and encourage all of you to use the products designed by each other. 

  • We will have multiple groups to personalize your community experience. We will create different groups and each group will have one tool in each category.
    List of categories:

  • We will take weekly sprint calls/discussions where every community member will come with their list of tasks for the coming week and present to the community manager who will take note, guide, and motivate you to finish your tasks.

    Think of us as a product manager/ well-wisher, who is helping you to build the right things.
    We will help you with product requirements for your new features you are planning to implement.

  • Every once in a while, the community will select one SaaS product and help them get ramen profitability by working with the founder as a team.

We don't want quantity hence limiting the first slot to 50 folks only. Click the button below to join the Slack community