Intercom - Micro SaaS idea from the biggest live chat giant!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Here we have dissected and analyzed where does the tech giant Intercom lack. We give you a micro SaaS idea to target that niche and create your audience.

Company Background

Company name: Intercom

Category: Conversational Relationship Platform or Live chat Software

Founded: 2011

Total funding raised: $291M

Annual Recurring Revenue: $50M

Paid customers: 30K+ including Facebook, Amazon, and Lyft.

Starting Price: $39 which includes only one user and Live chat functionality


Intercom is a great comprehensive tool that helps businesses with live chat, knowledge base, and email automation. It was one of the first movers in the conversational marketing software business. It is a well developed and convenient product with thoughtfully designed onboarding.

Market Size of business chat messenger is expected to reach $997 million in 2023 and

Intercom has around 5% of the Market Share. Intercom has everything under one dashboard, and they know how to sell it. But their target market is big companies and small companies or companies with less revenue can not afford it. The toolset definitely has its quite overwhelming cons.

Negatives - What’s wrong with Intercom?

Hey. Don’t trust our word. Here are some cons that USERS of Intercom mostly find:

Negative words from their users:

  • The pricing system is way too complex to predict what you’re going to pay for.

  • Their customer support keeps on getting on and off.

  • Numerous complaints about their email automation tools.

  • Smaller issues like no easy way to merge conversations, limited customization, minor bugs, and crashes are not being solved.

  • Doesn’t work seamlessly on Mozilla Firefox.

  • Super Expensive i.e. Not providing the value for money

You can also read “Why we dumped intercom” for more info about the cons of intercom presented by one of the users itself.

Here’s one of the particular reviews that would interest you a lot:

What could be your Minimum Viable Product Aka MVP?

  • Live chat functionality that works on any website and web-app so that businesses can communicate with leads as well as users at the place.

  • User segmentation

  • Creating custom events based on the user’s needs i.e. product demo, tour

  • Email automation campaign based on segments and events.

  • Statistics page of the campaign

Why does the world need your chat software? [Stats]

  • 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use live chat to deal with businesses, more than any other communication option.

  • Chat has become the leading online contact source, with 42% of customers using chat versus email or social media.

  • All demographics are comfortable with the live chat; even one-third of Older People (Boomers) and the Golden Generation use it for customer service.

  • 93% of consumers feel real-time help is beneficial during the online customer journey.

  • 87% of consumers list live help among the three most important features of a website.

Is it really worth it? [Stats]

  • Chatters are worth 4.5x as much as website visitors who don’t chat.

  • 62% of customers are more inclined to purchase online if live support is available.

  • 79% of businesses say adding live chat has had a positive impact on customer loyalty, sales, and revenue.

  • Live chat is 17%-30% cheaper than a phone call.

  • Companies that use live chat have a 2.4 times greater annual increase in upsell revenue.

Marketing Insights

Here’s the complete data of competitor analysis of intercom so that you understand where exactly they stand. - Competitors Analysis.PDF

“Sales tool”, “Support customer”, and “Sales Team” are amongst the top 100 ranking keywords of Intercom. - Top 100 ranking keywords sorted with the highest volumes.PDF

Here are the top-ranking pages of intercom that brings in a lot of relevant traffic. - Top ranking pages of intercom.PDF

Use these marketing insights when you are planning to form a marketing strategy for your product.

User Persona

Here’s what a user persona of Intercom would look like:

A short GTM strategy

Don’t market yourself as just a live chat software: When you positioning your product, try to come up with a specific quality. For example, a simple customer messenger tool or a fun and customizable customer support tool. This will give your customers more clarity on how you differ from the market.

Run ads on particular keywords - Keywords like “intercom alternative” and “software like intercom” will be your hot leads as it would be searched by the people who are looking for a product that doesn’t have the cons of Intercom.


That was our dissection of the product - Intercom. We hope you had some great insightful takeaways from the article. If you plan to design this product, let us know. We’d love to join your beta subscription 😉. If you have any doubts or queries, you can comment here or reach out to us on Twitter. We are pretty active there.


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