What's Inside?


The revenue model of the business

This would include the pricing strategy of the business beyond its pricing page. Answers to the questions like “What kind of plans does the business sell?” and “what are different streams of revenues?” will be here.


Targeted Audience 

(Target Market)

We would analyze different ways business is using to target different types of people. This section will include how to reach the target audience, what social media channels are they most active on, and what are the pain points of these people.


Penetrating the niche market

Big businesses are too busy increasing their sales graph that they often forget the niche problems or ignore them. It opens the door of opportunities for you. We tell you about these niche markets that you must cover and target. This way you will have clarity that would help you build an effective product.


Marketing strategies and channels

There are thousands of ways to market your product online and offline. But a few of them are effective and impactful. We would tell you working marketing strategies that you could use to create awareness amongst your audience.


Ways to find Beta users

Beta users are the best way to authenticate your product and make it bug-free. But it often becomes a tedious task to convince people to use a new product. We would design ways to generate initial beta users tailored to test your product.